I am Hameedullah Khan, a developer and a part time system administrator (better then most of full time system administrators). My specialties includes, Django, Ruby on Rails and CakePHP, that in simple terms means I can program in Python, PHP and Ruby. But that is not at all. I got 95+ marks in all my programming subjects so I am very good in C++ and other languages too which includes perl and bash too.

I have become a Linux and Open Source consultant during the last 5 years in which I provided consultancy to organizations of different sizes from all around the world and at the same time I developed the system administration skills by actually implementing and actualizing the solutions I proposed.

I achieved 4 different certifications as part of my previous job requirements at PING and since then I got so busy that I thought many times to test my skills by appearing in other certification exams but didn’t get time but they are still planned which includes, RHCE and Zend Certified PHP programmer.

Beside my technical and professional life, I spend most of my time with friends, in parties, on my fitness and other personal development activities.

Want to know more about me or need my help in something, post a comment or email me.

10 Comments on “About”

  1. Hassan Says:

    Dear Hameed
    i have read your blog related to moneybookers , am kinda new to moneybookers and haven’t withdrawn money from it before , i have successfully created and transferred some funds to my moneybooker account , but now am facing problems withdrawing kindly help me out . Is it necessary to validate my Address through moneybookers and how much time did your address validation took?

    Waiting for your response.


  2. @Hassan,

    The verification does not take that long. The moneybookers will send you a letter which will contain 4 digit ping, you just have to enter it into your account for address verification.

  3. Hassan Says:

    thanks for your reply , i have received their letter , and have withdrawn money to my bank account , vll there be any other validation ?

  4. @Hassan
    There is a bank account validation, but I forgot the procedure. But that is not that difficult. Its as simple as withdrawing money to your bank account and then get your bank statement, you will find a code with with the money sender information, go back to moneybookers and enter that code. If for some reasons you are not able to enter the code just send the scan of your bank statement to moneybookers.

  5. Hassan Says:

    Thanks Again , lets hope for the best 🙂

  6. Hassan Says:

    hi hammed
    dis is hassan , da same guy who discussed abt money bookers issues , anywazz dis month i successfully got my money transferred to my bank account but guess wat my bank is now telling me that u shud have some purpose in the swift message when withdrawing money from money bookers 😀 coz dey have to report dere Dad i.e State Bank , i have reported this issue to moneybookers but dey are also helpless , so does dis happend 2 u too ? or you are happily withdrawing money from moneybooker ? btw in bank al-habib i got my account.

  7. Hassan Says:

    Hi hameed , thnx for da reply buddy , i just wana say one thing dat our local banks are not aware of money bookers or any online payment processing , banks like citibank , standard chartered knows wells how to deal wid such transactions n its not sumthing new to dem , i have withdrawn just $100 to my bank account n on dat withdrawal my bank has made me to write a letter in order to inform dem abt the purpose , sender and blah blah … like if am doing sum kinda Money laundering ..lols , anywazz am a software engineer , but i prefer doing graphic designing as a freelancer jst to kill my free time.

  8. Raja Says:

    Hassan, then what happened, did bank alhabib trouble you for withdrawing that amount ? or and what kind of letter did you give bank alhabib , even i have account in bank alhabib and soon i will be recieving money through moneybookers to my bank alhabib account. I cant afford to have account in citibank or standard char.

  9. Raja Says:

    Also let me know, how long did it take to reach your bank alhabib account after requesting money from moneybookers. will they ask for the reason letter everytime for this small 100-200 amount ? and i am told by the banker that swift code of main branch is enough give the full account number and it will reach your branch and will be converted from dollar to pakistani currency. i dont know how much they will charge for recieving this amount.



  10. asifmumtaz Says:

    hello Hameed,
    I have a blog/website dedicated to help the freelance writer.


    I would like to exchange the link with you.
    asif mumtaz

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