How to add your bank to Moneybookers to withdraw money to your bank account.

The following steps are written to help Freelancers, Outsourcing agencies who are willing to accept money using Moneybookers. These steps were written keeping Pakistani freelancers in mind but they can be followed to add any Bank account in any country. Before getting a new bank account make sure the Branch that is near to you has its own BIC code. Follow the steps below.
1. Check your BIC code from
a. Enter “BANK NAME” in Institution keyword field.
b. Enter “Karachi” or your city in City field.
c. Select “Pakistan” from drop down menu.

2. Note the BIC code of your branch and keep it safe.

Confirm if the BIC code of your Bank’s Branch is listed. If it has the BIC Code then you can open an account in that particular branch or else try with a different bank or branch. After you get the account follow the steps below to add your bank account to Moneybookers. You will require the BIC Code from the previous steps and your account number.

1. Goto Moneybookers Add Bank page and enter all the information, Moneybookers will show you the branch location and your account title, if the account title does not match do not check your account number and enter it again.

2. After you bank account has been added you have to verify it, to verify your bank account withdraw 20Euro from your Moneybookers account to your Bank.
3. Goto your bank after 4 days and confirm from them if money has arrived, sometimes it takes 8-10 days depending on the holidays and other things.
4. Upon confirmation request a bank statement. Your bank statement will have a secret keyword from Moneybookers.
5. Enter the keyword into the verify bank account page.

Moneybookers charges

Money bookers charges 1.80Euro for all withdraws to your Primary bank account. Withdrawls of more then 350Euro to your non Primary Bank accounts are charged 3.50Euro. There is no other cost for withdrawing your money to your bank account.

If you have have Bank account in PKR currency the money will automatically be converted to PKR using the Statebank’s $ rate.

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33 Comments on “How to add your bank to Moneybookers to withdraw money to your bank account.”

  1. Mathew Says:

    Hello Hameed and the rest of you out there!

    I am in the process of starting a website (essay writing service) and am facing a lot of difficulty in opening a Foreign Currency account in Pakistan. Does the State Bank prohibit Pakistani citizens from owning and operating FCY accounts in Pakistan? The second point is how do I link my website order form to a bank account?

    From reading all your posts I gather that you can open an account with Bank Alfalah or HBL or MCB or Std Chtd. and the amounts are converted to Pak Rupees. As you have mentioned the transfers take between a week to 10 days.

    What happens if you have to remit FCY outside Pakistan in USD or GBP? Is it allowed, what are the restrictions and what time does it take? I am asking this in case I have to make refunds to customers.

    Also let me know how will it be possible to use any alternate methods of making foreign currency reciepts and payment from Pakistan.

    Thanks, and waiting for your detailed replies…

    • Mathew,

      You don’t link your site order form to your bank account, but you link it to a payment gateway providers using methods they provide on their site.

      You can also open FCY account in Pakistani banks in that case the money will not be converted to Pakistani rupees.

      I am sorry I never had a chance to remit outside Pakistan, so can’t help with this one.

      I hope this helps.

      • SHS Says:

        Dear Brother Hameed,
        I want to sell my own branded merchandise on internet specially via ebay. Our brand will be coming soon in the local market as well,inshallah.I am in a process to register the trademark and brand name.This is my whole scenerio.I want to request you to kindly help me out in giving the best advice regarding the online sale of the product like on ebay.May Allah bless you on your effort!

  2. You don’t link your site order form to your bank account, but you link it to a payment gateway providers using methods they provide on their site.

    You can also open FCY account in Pakistani banks in that case the money will not be converted to Pakistani rupees.

    I am sorry I never had a chance to remit outside Pakistan, so can’t help with this one.

    I hope this helps.

  3. asif Says:

    Thanks for the valuable help Hameed.
    can i get your email address? I want to talk about the possibility of exchanging link with you. you can view my blog.

    i’ve just started doing the blog and im keen to put all my experience there so that the people can find great help.

    Asif Mumtaz

  4. believer Says:

    Salaam Hameeed bhai..
    I tried the link for swift codes but its not working now..
    can you pls refresh

    by the way you have been doing a great job.. thanks alot.

  5. believer Says:

    i found the new link that i requested in my above post..

  6. Hasan Says:

    For a retail online store, which built with PrestaShop, I want to provide the sale transaction in PAK RUPEES. How can I setup MoneyBooker in Pak Rupees?

    The target market of my retail store is only Pakistan.

  7. ibrar ahmad Says:


    hameed bhai thank you for giving a useful information. I have some 124 dollars in Moneybookers account and by taking information from your comments I went to bank Alfalah to make them open my current account so that I can transfer my 124 dollars from moneybookers to my Alfalah account. They told me that they dont work for moneybookers. one person also told me that he dont know such gambling sites like moneybookers. I also went to MCB bank their behaviour was same but one of their incharge told me to send money to your mcb account and they will not deduct 25 dollars per transaction and all will be deducted from the moneybookers site if any. Hameed bhai I want you to give me some useful piece of advice so that I can take benefit of it. tell me what to say the managers of Alfalah in order to make them open my current account for such transaction. I need a bank account that will not deduct much charges

  8. Talha Ajaz Says:

    Hameed Bhai please help me I have moneybookers account but I attach my bank account how i can withdraw money please tell me my email Id and my mobile number 03002048527 please telll me what can i do .

  9. Akram Says:

    Hameed Bahi Very usefull for me.
    i have some question. can i add fund to my moneybookers acount from my Standard Charted Bank Acount with ATM. please send me your Mobile No. my Mobile No is : 0345-9177320
    and email is :
    Thanks a lot

  10. TalhaAhmed Says:

    Hameed Bhai, you have been quite helpful… i want to know if Fysal Bank entertain Moneybookers or not…Do you have clue?

  11. waqasahmed Says:

    hi brother nice information ur posted but i have a question and that is :

    in which format should i enter my banck account at moneybookers i mean for example my account 123456789
    then how should i enter whether
    123-4567-89 or in this format 123456789

  12. USAMA Says:


  13. Pkwebhost Says:

    bohat bohat shukriya is post ki waja se muje bohat madad mili

  14. omair Says:

    i want to upload funds on money booker as well as withdraw. i have my bank account in std chtd bank (in pkr). can i easily upload/withdraw funds? 03312821415 plz inform

  15. Sheikh Dnish Says:

    Hello Sir
    I need Your help
    I have mezan bank account when i added dat to moneybookers they asked me about account number i m confused as after giving swift code of mezan bank which is MEZNPKKA it does not describes the branch.. now kindly guide me in the section of account number should i give only my account number or also my branch code?? thanks Smile waiting for ur reply

  16. ahmad Says:

    where can i find secret code

  17. hello sir
    i tried adding my MCB account,i entered SWIFT code,and then they required IBAN(international bank account number) so i added my MCB account number when the MCB assistant told me that this is you account number for receiving funds internationally ,but the skrill(MB) don’t accept my account number .because the field requires 18 alphaneumerical number,while my account number’s 16 does it mean my bank is not supported or do i need a special number which i couldn’t got from my band
    any response will be appreciated

  18. Moneybookers bank account verification from Bangladesh: There are many freelancer in Bangladesh. They work hard an earn Dollar. But unfortunately, they face big trouble to get money. Paypal service is not available in Bangladesh. In this current situation, I think that Mooneybookers is the best alternate way to get money from outsourcing market place. I withdraw money via moneybookers. If you follow their policy, I think moneybookers is the easiest and tension free solution for withdraw money in Bangladesh.

  19. Ali Says:

    Hi, good work Hameed.

    Can anyone pls help me to know about how to verify bank account on time of withdraw, which one is best and quick process to get code (via bank verify or via address). I have added bank al habib saving account details for money withdraw now i need to know about next process, how much time both the verification type take and how to do it?? I need the experienced person help who already have done all these.


  20. Adnan Says:

    A O A
    very informative information about MB!
    I want to know that I registered with MB. but initially,i have no money in account. what is the procedure to upload money on MB through bank because I want to purchase some things from ebay. 2ndly I enter my visa debit card information of Alfalah Bank. but MB not verified it. kindly tell me that how to add debit card on MB

  21. Fahad Says:

    Sir , I’m facing a problem while skrill help center is not responding. i just opened an account on skrill and transferred balance into it from Odesk. well it has the balance of $14 but when i enter the amount $14 for withdrawal the error appears “please enter the amount less than $11.62″ and even if i enter the amount less than $11.62 then the error appears that “please enter the amount greater than $13.18″ , i dont get it , if they say we can withdraw any amount we want then why these restrictions or errors ? Is this because my account is not verified yet ? or something else ?
    please help me out and reply as soon as you can.

  22. zeeshan Says:

    Dear friend main na moneyboorker per to send ker liya hain moja bank main transfer kerna k nahi pata or iss kiss kiss bank transfer kiya ja saktay app moja plz guide ker dan Thanks

  23. Says:

    dear hameed my problem i am add wrong email address.i want to remove my wrong email address what i can do?send me solution on my email address

  24. Sufyan Says:

    how i upload my funds from my bank account to money bookers account. should i need a foreign currency or a PKR account? which bank is good?

  25. SANA Says:

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    100% Secure PM/WM/STP/MB Exchange..

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  28. Nadeem Says:

    i want to add another local bank account at skrill.
    one skrill account and two local bank account add.
    it will not be a problem.
    i need your valuable opinion.

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