Moneybookers: Send and Receive money.

I am back again with This time with more support for them. Yes, see the logo in the side bar :). Paypal still does not allow sign up from Pakistan and this really sucks. So, I just love and I will support them.

You can send money as well as receive money for free, with out any fee. And the acceptance of payment is increasing day by day.

So, lets enjoy this new banner in the side bar ;).

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10 Comments on “Moneybookers: Send and Receive money.”

  1. saqe Says:

    send and rcv money without any fee :O? are you sure? i think they charge much more then paypal, though you’ve got no other option until paypal start functioning here in pakistan

  2. Fee for sending money is 1% upto $0.80, which means If weather you are sending $100 or $1000 you will be charged $0.80, so its almost free. Receiving money is totally free you are not charged anything.

  3. alhakim Says:

    receiving is free. but they take money if withdraw it

  4. No, they don’t charge you much if you withdraw to your primary bank account or Primary Visa Card. It would be good if someone can give us figures here.

  5. web design Says:

    I think the charge 2.5 USD if you withdraw to your primary bank account. but again i am using them since last 1.5 years and I am really satisfy with the service.


  6. NaQi Says:

    I want Some information about moneybookers. Is there anyone who can help me ?
    add me on yahoo

    i need urgent help plz . let me know ..

    thanks ..

  7. You can ask here, That way many people will be able to share their experiences with you.

  8. usman Says:

    Hi Hameed khan. i have a question about moneybookers. I also have a moneybooker account but i have a problem with my creditcard verification. I try to verify visa debit card thoroght moneybooker but its not working. i have try to verify my mastercard debit(prepaid) but it also have a problem . when i verify it . it shows that “an sms has been send to your mobile number and enter the verification code you receive and your card will be verified” but i didnt receive any sms from moneuybookers. so how you verify your card. if you please helpme out in this trouble

  9. Raheel Says:

    Hi there,
    I have about $400 in my getafreelancer account as i am a freelancer and made this money by writing articles. I am getting money thru bank wire…! How can i get money via money bookers….? What would be the charges… and how long would it take to receive payments here in Pak. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Raheel,

      It will take you about 8-9 days if your account is verified, the moneybookers charges are very low, if I remember it right the charges are somewhere around $2-3 for one transfer.

      To get money via moneybookers, you first have to transfer your money to money bookers and then you can transfer it to your bank account.

      Hope this helps.

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