Moneybookers: PayPal alternative for Pakistan.

PayPal does not allow sign ups from Pakistan. I can not seem to find any technical reason behind that. Maybe only god knows why they do not like us? I said this because I tried to contact PayPal official support and I inquired them when the sign ups will be available in Pakistan. The answer was not satisfactory, in fact the answer was not even related to the question I asked. PayPal added bunch of countries to their accepted countries list early in May, and again Pakistan was not even on that list. See the approved counties list. And the worst thing is PayPal is an ebay company, I think ebay should also remove sign ups for Pakistan. If we cannot put our money online then how can we buy and sell?

So, if PayPal is not available for us then what should we (the people of Pakistan) do? Don’t we need to spent money online? Don’t we need to buy things online? Don’t we need send money to someone? Don’t we need to earn money online? Don’t we need to sell things online? Either wait for the PayPal to approve our country or go a head and get your self signed up on Moneybookers is the very nice service and lot of people use it, does not matter if the users are not 100 million but atleast their are million people using it. I myself has an account on Moneybookers, the services is awesome.

My Address has already been verified, now I will verify my bank account in few days 😉 although I don’t need to verify it as the current outgoing and incoming limit is pretty high for me :). But you have all type of options available. So, in last Moneybookers is a very good service for online money transactions.

I hope to see Moneybookers supported by every second site like they do support PayPal. For me I will be asking to add support for Moneybookers where ever I will be buying or selling things. If that worked out may be I will never need to have a PayPal account.

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310 Comments on “Moneybookers: PayPal alternative for Pakistan.”

  1. Sonya Says:

    You’re absolutely right about there being no reason why they’re not adding Pakistan, since Pakis use Ebay and PayPal is an Ebay company. Wasn’t Ebay started by an Indian? Seriously yaar…what’s his problem???!!! And all Paypal transactions via credit card are backed up by your bank account in case it doesn’t go through-so that’s a safety measure.

  2. Shoaibi Says:

    Well Paypal isn’t supporting pakistan due to pakistan law enforcement committees innovating a new law for every minute. I have been into contact with them and i am convinced that, for this matter pakistani’s gov is 80% responsible…

    Baaki about Ebay and etc, come’on you know, this is the way both countrymen have been since partitioning.

  3. Salman Says:

    Hey,, anybody have used MoneyBooker from Pak? I areally thinking to get registered with them.. and it can be easily integrate with my website? thanks.

  4. @Shoaibi:
    Offcourse Govt. is 100% responsible for everything, but still why do we have to suffer because of those bad decision makers who don’t even know what IT means. But still if Moneybookers can provide services in Pakistan then why not Paypal? If they can send checks and can accept VISA and master cards (leave the bank accounts on side) then what is the problem in allowing Pakistanis to use this service.

    Simply allow us to upload funds via our Cards and withdraw via checks. Is it really difficult? I don’t think so.

  5. Kashif Says:

    Paypal seems bias. However the good news is that soon you will get pakistani payment processor like Paypal subject to the agreement of state bank.
    So people tight your seat belts now…..

  6. Shehryar Says:

    is that pakistani based paypal working now. my addres has been verified but it will take some time before payments are released to me from my GAF account to moneybookers and then into my bank account. i hope here are no problems with this.

    any one here who has actually recieved payments through moneybookers yet. if there are then please email me at shehryar_shk a-t

  7. Talha Says:

    Ill tell u why Paypal doesn’t open up services to Pakistani customers. The simple reason is that Paypal is managed and owned jointly by Indian and Israeli nationals. That just goes on to show the extent of bias these people have against Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular. Plz don’t get me wrong but this is the reality that we have to wake up.

  8. Farqaleet Says:

    I have come to know that the people who are in the Hundi business (illegal money transfers) have created a monopoly and have made sure that Paypal does not get approval from the State Bank of Pakistan to work in Pakistan.

    Unless the officials can take decisions in the interest of the people and not be pressurized by the Hundi Mafia, we can’t hope for Paypal or any other such service to work securely in Pakistan.

  9. I also signed up with moneybookers and have some $K in my MB account. Now I want to withdraw them to my bank account. I’m account holder in Soneri Bank, but they are not satisfying my weather I can use my bank account for MB. Can any 1 guide me which bank is suitable for that???


  10. hazaar Says:

    the reason pak is not on the list is the same reason nigeria is not on the list – FRAUD ! pakistan is number 2 in the list of worldwide fraud and nigeria is number 1 . its a shame because unfortunately all pakistanis are being painted with the same brush. and thats not fair. i’m sure one day things will change – inshallah i hope its in my lifetime

  11. Shehryar Shaukat Says:

    AOA every one, moneybookers works!!!!!. i have been receiving my paymnets through moneybookers and my moneybookers account is linked to my alfalah account so the balance takes around 7 days to get transfered from moneybookers to my account. Plus moneybookers is teh cheapest method available since tehy only charge you around 0.50 + 2.5 Euros per transaction even if it is 10000 dollars. one can increase this limit by paying a fee i guess.

    I hope this helps, best of luck entrepreneurs.

    • Sidra Says:

      I wanted to ask you something. You say that you have been able to withdraw payments via moneybookers right? I tried but i never got the money in my account. So can you please tell me that do you make withdrawals in Pakistani rupees or any other currency? Waiting for your reply.
      Please help me out.

  12. CARNAGE Says:

    I also sign-up for Moneybookers and also get verified and i withdrawl funds from my MB account to my NBP bank account today is 9th day but still didnt got amount in my bank let see some more days.

  13. Asif Says:

    i want to ask that how may i use moneybookers ?
    how can i get my cash by the help of money bookers ?

  14. Bank Alfalah works like a charm with Moneybookers. The money will get into you account with in 10 days, sometimes with in a week.


    1. Open a Bank Alfalah Account.
    2. Check your BIC code from
    a. Enter “BANK ALFALAH LIMITED” in Institution keyword field.
    b. Enter “Karachi” or your city in City field.
    c. Select “Pakistan” from drop down menu.

    3. Goto Moneybookers Add Bank page and enter all the information.
    4. Withdraw 20Euro from your Moneybookers account to your Bank.
    5. Goto your bank after 4 days and confirm from them if money has arrived.
    6. Upon confirmation request a bank statement. Your bank statement will have a secret keyword from Moneybookers.
    7. Enter the keyword into the verify bank account page.

    I hope the above will help all of you out there.

    • wasib Says:

      sir how i can make money booker account and also pay pall account my account is in ubl bank

      • Hammad Saeed Says:

        Go to and sign up for new account, Enter your original Details on the page and press CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.
        Registration will take only 5 min,
        if you do not wanna Delay in your Payment, then verify your address & Phone 🙂
        thats all 🙂

    • Madiha Says:

      Hi, I am trying to add my account on Moneybookers but it doesn’t recognize my Swift code, though itself generates it.. I am using Alfalah. Please advice.

      • Hammad Saeed Says:


        In Which city do you live ?
        if Karachi then use = ALFHPKKA
        if you are living in other City, please lemme know.. i will tell you Swift Code..
        (If you can provide your nearest bank Location, then it will be good.. i will give u exact Bank’s Swift Code)

    • Sidra Says:

      I have registered my bank al habib account on moneybookers and I attempted to withdraw the payment. But for some reason it did not appear in my account. Can you help me out here? I set US dollars as my accoun’t currency and withdrew the money in dollars only. Is that the cause of the mess? Should I change the currency to rupees?
      Please help me out. Really worried because its quite a large amount.

      • younis Says:

        Moneybookers take 5 business days to process the payment and in next 5 business days the amount is deposited in your bank account.

        Secondly, if you have mentioned correct Acc# and bank swift on MB, you’ll get the amount.

        You can ask for MB support, if it takes more then 10 business days.

        I myself asked for the first time on this blog about MB when I wasn’t aware of it. Now Alhamdulillah its working perfectly with Bank Alfalah & good thing is intermediary bank charges are not applicable in case of Bank Alfalah.

      • Sidra Says:

        Actually its been more than a month and my money still hasnt shown up in the account. So what action should I take?
        The moneybookers people are unable to help me out here.

      • younis Says:

        Did you get the transaction processing email from mb? If yes, then you should ask your bank for it, otherwise tell mb that your transaction/withdrawal is still not processed! Was it your first withdrawal?

      • Sidra Says:

        Yes its my first withdrawal. Yeah I got the email from moneybookers about the transaction processing. They said that the money would show up within a week’s time. But it never did.

      • younis Says:

        Note the transaction number, MB bank and city. Go to your bank’s foreign banking/currency department and tell them the details. they must have received the amount.

      • Sidra Says:

        Okay. So its really a problem with my bank and not with moneybookers?
        Also, at some places I read that moneybookers takes a sum from us for verifying our bank account. However, it never asked me for any such thing. It immediately registered my account as soon as I entered the details. That is not an issue?

      • younis Says:

        Well, it verified my account first. I was asked to deposit 5 EUR to MB for bank verification. I deposited 50 EUR. I received 48 EUR in my MB in 3 days. I withdrawn it and I received 46.20 EUR back in my bank account in 5 days. Now I use MB just for withdrawals. MB didn’t verify your account first? How much $ you have withdrawn now?

      • Sidra Says: never asked me to verify my account first. That’s why I just withdrew directly. A sum of $ 192 was withdrawn. Now I am unsure of what to do. How do I verify my bank account first?

  15. Asif Says:

    Thanks alot for ur help brother ..
    i want to ask u one more thing ..can u give me ur cell number or can u tell me please that these data entry sites on net are fake or real ? bcoz they ask for 50 $ for membership..

  16. guideforlife Says:

    I hope you will find my data entry resource a good place to start, where you don’t have to pay $50 jobs.

    check out my blog at:

    I hope my comment will not be moderated as this is not a spam but I want to help others find the job they want.

  17. I am sorry brother I have never used a data entry site. I wish I could help you there. But unfortunately I can not. Sorry once again.

  18. Faraz Says:

    Is it possible in any way to transfer money from Paypal to Moneybookers or is there a service through which we can transfer??

  19. Faraz Says:

    Yes !!!! U can TRansfer

    U can Use to transfer money from Paypal to other online payment accounts.

  20. @Faraz

    Thanks for sharing in.

    • Mohsin Says:

      Hi Hameedullah,
      Do you tell Bank Alfalah that the money you withdraw is Service charges?
      did you get direct bank transfer from some client and told the bank this is service charges?

      what more details they asked you?

  21. Faraz Says:

    I have heard about service called through which money can be transfered. But they require a verified paypal account 😦

  22. J.Gill Says:

    Comment no. 10 is absolutely right, there is no gov. issue behind all this. in 2000 Pakistan was banned due to credit card frauds from many major websites and services. So its our bad luck. we r 3rd world country, actually i should we all are corrupt people so why blaming others. Believe me and do not mind coz i am also paki… but they used to call us fukin pakis just bcoz of our bad deeds.

    Well there are many options to buy/sell anything on internet you really dont need paypal. yeah paypal has 1 quality that it support safe transaction and u dont have to worry. but the other ways which i m using from 1999 are these.

    1st one is open an account in a Standard chartered bank with only 5000 rupees and dont forget to tell them while opening the account that you also need a credit card or cc cum debit card which allow visa transaction processing. after that make transactions locally from your pocket for atleast 30 to 50 thousand to satisfy them that you are not fraud, for atleast 2 to 3 months. keep repeating it and when your account script reach 5 to 6 transctions. they will allow you to buy/sell anything on any website or any area of the world where cc or debit card is accepted. thats all. no need of them, theres not only ebay, you can also try wall mart and many many many other sites which are like ebay try google it.

    2nd one is for marchants who want to trade online so simply try these two which i already tried b4, and really good service. Thank you

  23. @J.Gill

    Thanks man, we really appreciate that you shared your experience with us.

  24. Imran Says:

    You are pretty funny on blaming indians and the israeli. I myself paki, it sounded like the same paki joke of 9/11. There no jews in the World Trade Center at the time of destruction.

    I have worked in top ecommerce solution provider in the USA for 5 years, so I have tons of experince in online payment. So the truth about paypal not coming to pakistan is due to percentage of internet fraud originated from our beloved country. :). I know the truth hurts and thats the fact. So have to deal with it! Cheers!

  25. You all might be interested in: Freelance Jobs from different freelance resources are listed on one place, updated every minute.

    • hashim Says:

      dear hameedullah khan,
      i have recently opened my account in i am not getting that how do i transfer funds in my account.i mean from which bank. i shall be very thankful if you will help me.please answer me as soon as possible

  26. Spade Says:

    No. 1 thing is that
    EBAY cannot be operate from PAKISTAN because our post office and all the courier companies have restriction on sending any type of electronic item once imported in Pakistan to anywhere in the world….
    this is stupidly amazing just ask your post office or any OCS TCS FEDEX DHL company setup in pakistan they will tell you the truth

    Paypal cant came to Pakistan because State Bank do not authorizes any online payment company willingly or you can say happily
    again our country’s so much complez and stupid LAWS…..
    just ask state bank they will tell you the details that state bank didnt appreciate nor resolve the dispute due to the usage of credit card online however every country in world except pakistan backs the online payment from credit card….

  27. Thanks Spade for sharing with us, I wish if we could do something about it, but I can understand its not possible till those old babays (above 50s) are on top positions…

  28. Usman Says:

    You’re perfectly right. I love Moneybookers for supporting our country and providing such a nice service for us, and hate PayPal for not doing so. Even if PayPal introduce their service I will still stick to Moneybookers because they initiated it all took a good step while PayPal may try to just enter into business after seeing that Moneybookers getting good business. So all credit goes to Moneybookers who took the risk and trusted Pakistan.

  29. Usman Ghani Says:

    Yeah %100 True!
    Even India Is Included Then What Happened To Pakistan’s Bank ?
    You Better Use Moneybookers Or 2checkout
    These 2 Payment Processer Accepts Pakistan.

  30. zia Says:

    Yes i used money bookers instead of paypal and its great i love money booker easy , fast , secure..


  31. faraz Says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to withdraw money from Moneybookers? I am 17 years old and i have got an amount of $200 in my Moneybookers account which i earned from the internet. I want to get the amount transferred to my fathers bank account. My father has got his account in Habib Bank. Can someone please tell me which type of bank account is needed for withdrawing money from Moneybookers? Is there a special kind of foreign currency account that is needed for withdrawing money from Moneybookers or a normal bank account will do the work?

    • @faraz
      You can not withdraw money to your father’s bank account, you need your own bank account and as you are just 17 so you cannot open a bankacount, the best would be if you ask your father to create his moneybookers account and you transfer money to his account and then he can withdraw the money. I have personally tested Bank Alfalah but you can find out if the branch your father has account in has BIC code, if the branch has BIC code then your father can successfully transfer money to his account. The steps to find out the BIC code of your bank’s branch are listed in this comment.

  32. faraz Says:

    Hameed Bhai Thanks for the reply. When i created my moneybookers account i used the personal details of my father after taking his permission. I just wanted to know if a foreign currency account is needed for withdrawing money from Moneybookers or a normal bank account will work. Thanks for the reply.

  33. No foreign currency account is needed. Your normal Pakistani Rupees account will work. The only thing is you will get $ converted in Rs, so if $ rate is 78 in Pakistan you will get 200*78 Rs. 😉 Thanks.

  34. faraz Says:

    Thankyou Hameed Bhai. 🙂

  35. faraz Says:

    Hameed bhai one more thing that i wanted to ask is that is it necessary to verify residential address in order to withdraw money from Moneybookers? Thanks.

  36. @faraz
    I think for withdraw moneybookers first withdraw only $20 to your account, and when you recieve that money just request a bank statement from your bank and you will find a 4 digit code, you need that to verify your bank account. And after that you will be able to withdraw as much as you like to your bank account.

    • Sidra Says:

      You say that we have to withdraw only $20 in our first transaction. I withdrew around 189 dollars and the money hasn’t shown up in my account. What should I do? Please help me out.

      • younis Says:

        first of all say: “thank you God, its just 189 USD”

        Yes, problem is with the bank. MB has processed the withdrawal i.e. Money is sent from their end.

        now go to your bank and ask for the Wire/TT from MB in your name with the transaction number in the Additional Notes.

        If it doesn’t resolve then first verifiy your bank account by sending 15+ USD from the bank to MB or vice versa.

      • Sidra Says:

        Yeah thank God. I was going to withdraw 800 dollars but I didnt :p
        Okay so I send the money to moneybookers and talk to my bank? Moneybookers say that my transaction has been processed which means it must be stuck with my bank right?

      • younis Says:


      • Sidra Says:

        Okay. Thanks 🙂
        Hope it works!

      • younis Says:

        you are welcome 🙂

  37. faraz Says:

    Thanks hameed bhai. 🙂

  38. Kainat Says:


    I am a new comer in internet bussiness i wnat to sell my services, writing services i am working on my website but worried about recving payments world wide, i heard about mooney bookers, i have account in SCB Karachi.. Can anyone guide me in detail about this n how can i link mooney bookers on my website so customer come and make money directly from my website.

  39. hamza khan Says:

    Yeah you are 100% right my friend.

    English peoples do not trust on us due to our bad image in world.

    due to 9/11 and some other reasons

  40. ebrahim khan Says:

    hello there hameed..i have an account in citibank..i made a withdrawl of 500 dollars from moneybookers to my account..i have heard you need to have a foriegn account in citibank for US dollars transfer or will my own account do?will the bank convert the dollars or do i need to open an acount?
    thanks help will be needed urgent!

    • @ebrahim
      I am not sure about the citibank, but in Bank Alfalah I opened the normal account, they converted the money automatically to Pakistan Ruppes according to that time of exchange rates.

      • SM jafri Says:


        I want to ask you that I couldn’t find Pakistan rupees option in the Currency field of section “Account Details”.
        I will be thankful if you can guide me in creating moneybooker account. I am very new in this field


  41. zeeshan jiwa Says:

    hai evrey one i want to know more about that possible that i made account in paypal in usa address & tranfer money from paypal to moneybooker please give me information thanks

  42. ALi Says:

    hi folks, i am from Lahore, i have read this page fully, it’s very helpful.
    A few months back, i have gotten a project from i want to pay its project fee, can any one help me how can i do that ?
    The has paypal,, egold, wiretransfer option. Can i use to upload funds there and then from to to equal my debt.

  43. ALi Says:

    One more thing i forgot to tell, i have a bank account at Alfalh-Islamic bank, will it help ?

  44. aboylearning Says:

    There is a big disadvantage of this site, US people cannot use this website which and these are the big customers.

  45. Adnan Says:

    I just made an account at Alfalah yesterday, I will send cash soon and I hope it works.

  46. rashid Says:

    Salam….Hi Dear Plz any one can help me I m new on this site I wana know everything about this site that how can i sent money and get also and verified my self on this site … english is not good plz help me I m very tired becouse of paypal …..plz help me i m waiting my EMail ID is…..waiting plzzz help me

    • Dear Rashid,

      Verfication process is very simple, when you have some money in your moneybookers account just withdraw it to your bank account and when you receive money in your bank account just ask your bank for the statement. Once you get the statement, you will find a 4 digit code (if I remember it right), goto moneybookers and then goto verify bank account and type in the code, thats it you are done.

      To verify your credit cards procedure is same, they will charge very small amount from your credit card and then you have to get your credit card statement from your bank and type in the code on from your creditcard statement. I did it like 2 years back, so I don’t remember everything correctly and also there might be many things changed so I am not sure you have to just follow the moneybooker’s instructions at the end of the day.

  47. ebrahim khan Says:

    hello there..i have a question..i want to transfer money to a bank account for something i purchased on ebay.i want to use my credit card for is it possible?any idea?

  48. i want to sell ebooks with money bookers how can i do this.
    and i want to sell phone card jazz ufone etc.

  49. Adnan Says:

    Received cash of $25, but now MB won’t let me withdraw bigger amounts, says I need to verify using some sort of a number. I’ll be getting Bank Statement soon so I hope it works.

  50. Abdul rehman Says:

    i have problem with moneybooker, i withdraw $29.66 from my MB to my MCB bank a/c, but i got $4.66 and $25 deducted, can any one tell me why like that, i mailed to MB they replied they sent $29.66 to my Bank, when i went to my MCB Branch they told they dint deduct any amount, all charges deducted by sender?

    • Hello Abdul Rehman,

      Moneybookers is right, they don’t deduct $25 and I never had any problems in past 2 years. I think you should check with your bank.

      As far as I remember once I deposited a check of American Bank and MCB charged me $25 fixed amount, so that might be the case.

      But MB never deducts $25 as per my information.

  51. Abdul Rehman Says:

    thx for reply Hameed bhai, can u tell me which bank u r using for withdraw? and how much charges ur bank take on withdraw?

    • I have been using Bank Alfalah MySelf. and I am quite happy with them, in the begining I was a bit afraid as they asked a lot of questions, who is sending money, why, how much everymonth is expected, but after that I am just very happy to have account at Bank Alfalah. I always receive a telephone call from them as soon as money is arrived for me.

      I wanted to try other banks too so to I can provide better input to other as I understand not everyone can have accounts in Bank Alfalah, but due to shortage of time, I didn’t got a chance. But I hope in the coming months I will be able to try it few different banks.

      • Umar Says:

        “”I always receive a telephone call from them as soon as money is arrived for me.””

        How is it so? What does it mean that they call you as your money arrives?

        I think you are kind of a big shot and have deposited millions in their bank 🙂


      • lol, no I am not big shot. You have to go and sign some special form which is a requirement by State Bank.

      • AbdulRehman Says:

        i verified my Address in MB account, shud i also verify my bank account, as i withdraw $29 to my MCB a/c and i got only $4 as $25 deducted by whom dont know,

        so just want to know my address is verified, so bank account bhi verify karwana zaruri hai ?

      • @AbdulRehman: Bro, seriously $25 is too much, you should get an account with Bank Alfalah. They have never deducted anything from me. And I always get full amount.

      • AbdulRehman Says:

        but someone told me now Al-Falah also charged $25, bro when u withdraw last time in Al-Falah?

      • I did a withdrawl last week.

  52. shahzad Says:

    i have been asked by an ngo to make their website and to have a donation service where donors will donate money online from around the world specifically USA. as we dont have paypal in pakistan i thought to go through money brookers. i got to know that i can have their donation service if the ngo have official license. now i donno how our donors will send the money. can they use their credit cards without being required to become a member of money brookers and which bank account would be preferable to receive the money from them. thier email support is alil slow and i am running out of time so if u people could help me.

    • Yes the donors will be able to pay without becoming moneybookers members. My personal recommended bank (because I have used it) is offcourse Bank Alfalah, but I have heard stories that Standard Chartered will also work.

      Also if they are expected payments from US, they might also like to check but they charge 3% commission and have a one time joining fee and they require verfication docs, but not sure if they provide services for NGOs.

  53. Shakil Says:

    What are the charges taken by Alfalah bank on every transaction? Like if you receive $50.

  54. Shakil Says:

    Thats cool. Which type of A/c you have ? Current A/c or Basic Banking A/c or PLS Saving?

  55. Abdul Rehman Says:

    when u withdraw $50 from MB to ur Al-Falah bank a/c then how much MB charge?

  56. Shakil Says:

    Hello Hameed, I’ve opened my a/c in Bank Alfalah and have the branch swift code. I’ve been trying to add my branch swift code into Moneybookers but it doesn’t recognize it, but when I put the bank code which is ALFHPKKA, it does recognize it.

    I want to know whether they need branch swift code or not. Looking forward.

  57. Shakil Says:

    Also the a/c number i’ve is 0XXX-XXXXXXXX like that.

    so ‘-‘ are not allowed in moneybookers. I’ve put it 0XXXXXXXXXX like that, is it okay?

    • Hello Shakil,

      I am really sorry brother, but I forgot in what format I used the BIC code. But one thing I should tell you, when you will enter the BIC code you will see your “Title of the account” and the branch name displayed by Moneybookers. So you know that you entered the code in correct format.

      I hope that will help.

      • Umar Says:

        I am in the similar confusion,

        For example, if my bank account is

        Then ALFHPKKA056 is the swift code for alfalah and 12345678 should go in the Bank account number field….Right?

  58. aiman Says:

    i am a designer and recenlty was looking for a way to sell my artwork on an online shop called ….but couldn’t since paypal wasn’t for us. now i am planning to go for moneybookers!….but the problem is that when u hato choose a currency option then they dont have the pakistani currency there?….wot do i do?…secondly i have heard that u hafto give them your passport no. as well. also has anyone tried the option of being paid by cheque thru money bookers….i’ve heard this way the currency exchange does not take place.

    • Aiman,

      Moneybookers does not pay you via checks and for currency choose US dollars they will automatically be convereted to Pak Rupees when they will arrive in your bank account.


  59. Omer Hassan Says:

    Has anyone tried to get their bank account verified by Moneybookers? I have an account in HBL (Habib Bank Ltd.) and I withdrew $14 from my Moneybookers account to my HBL account but the Particulars field in the HBL account statement says “HMT from USA” (whatever that means). I sent my account statement to Moneybookers to have them verify my account but they say they need to see Moneybookers as the sender of the transaction.

    • I verified my Bank Alfalah account, and the statement mentioned a 4 digit code + other details. The HBL must have hide that details may be for their own stupid reasons, so seems like only thing you can do is go to them and ask what was the exact thing they got, and provide that to Moneybookers. Or get an account in different bank.

  60. hassan Says:

    i just requested money bookers to verify my address. the said the letter with the code will be at ny door step in 2-5 days! so can any one tell me that whether it will take longer to receive the letter or the same time as stated?

    • Omer Hassan Says:

      I tried to get my address verified but didn’t get a letter for about 20 days! I emailed them telling the situation and they told me to show them ANY letter I received by post within the last 3 months. I did and they manually verified my address. So if you don’t receive their letter in 2-5 days, log in to your Moneybookers account, go to Email support and tell them.

  61. I think I should setup some kind of forum or something where freelancers & Entrepreneurs from Pakistan can discuss their issues and help each other? What you guys say?

    Let me know if there is already one setup and you guys know about it.

    I am not talking about general forum but the one that will help for Entrepreneurs only. I like the way people are helping each other in the comments, but I think it really limits their ability to help their friends.

  62. amk Says:

    hello everyone and especially Hameed,

    I have been using MB to transfer my funds from paypal, GAF, Elance etc. I mostly receive payments through paypal(i have given them my address but just changed the country to India). i then transfer those paypal funds to GAF…which is easy if you know how to upload funds on GAF. then i send it to MB from GAF using withdraw payments. I have got my debit card verified with MB and I also have my account added an HBL. It works great but the only problem is that they always deduct $25. I really don’t know who does that..anyway i don’t care. All i care is that somehow we can get the payments.

    Anyone knows anything better, please help!

    • Yes, have an account in Bank Alfalah (that is what I have been using). Then verify your Bank Account to MB. Every time you will withdraw only $2 will be deducted. It might take 5-10 days for the funds to be transferred to your bank account.

      I assume Debit card withdrawls must be instant or might takes 2-3 days that is why they deduct $25.

  63. asifiqbal Says:

    just requested money bookers to verify my address. the said the letter with the code will be at ny door step in 2-5 days!please tell me anyone that where they send this latter my home address or my email address???????

    • They send letter to your home address, to verify if you have given them correct address. You will get a letter not in 2-5 days but at least 5-10 days, you know it is Pakistan Post :).

      But don’t worry you will get the letter, as I did in my case, then you will find a 4 digit code, enter that code into your account’s home address verification box.

      Then you will have to verify your Bank Account.

  64. Haseeb Says:

    Hameed bhai iam a webdesigner and want to start freelancing but as we all know paypal is not accepting Pakistan so i tried to use Western Union as it is somehow safe and fast but that might be my badluck as WU or zarco exchange is banned for one month or more.
    I had already registered my account with Money Bookers but haven’t received any letter from them so i thought that might be happening to everyone at Pakistan but after reading everyone’s comments here iam thinking to use MB but dont know how to verify my address as they sent mail to me at 16/02/2009 still no letter recieved.
    What should i do now?

    • Hello Haseeb,

      Are you sure you have provided the correct address. Thanks for informing that Zarco Exchange is banned for 1 month. This is very bad.

      Kindly use to send me your address so I can see if you have used your address correctly. Also try to contact MB support they will ask for scan copies of your bills and passport for verifications. But first you have to make sure you have provided them correct address.

  65. Javed Says:

    I have made my account on moneybooker but I have selected Indian rupees from currency type b/c i could not found Pak rupee there.. Please tell me which currency should I choose and also how should i edit my money type as i have selected indian rupees.


    • No, you have to use US dollars and use your correct Pakistani Address. You have to contact support to get your currency changed. Tell them that you chose the wrong currency by mistake as you didn’t know what currency type you should be choosing.

  66. Adnan Says:

    I have just added my HBL account with MB. I hope it works. Incase someone needs HBL SWIFT CODE so here it is:


  67. waqas ali Says:

    hi guy,
    i am new to money bookers.can someone tell me how to use it?Can i use it as credit card?

  68. Waqas Says:

    Askari Bank does not allow money bookers ….and i think money bookers does not work in pakistan ………….this is really sad….i hate what paki bankers are doing?

  69. amk Says:

    hello everyone,

    has anyone of u used the’s debt card that comes through the payoneer? i have just got that cad but im not sure whether it would be wise to load funds into it or not!

    please leave an advice quickly

  70. Kashif Says:

    Well yeah alertpay is great …

    It supports Pakistan.. So here is great opportunity for pakistani freelancers.

    In alertpay to withdraw money you have two options either withdraw by check or bank wire.

    To withdraw using check they’ll charge you 4 dollars.

    To withdraw using bank wire they’ll charge you 15 dollars.

    Well i guess we all Pakistanis should use alertpay to the extent that it becomes more popular than stupid paypal.

    To make an account at alertpay go to following


  71. waqas khan Says:


    i just want a help from u guys i got a blog here it is i wanna ask i will soon be uploading a software on my blog and i will charge some amount from my visitors to download it so how can i be collecting funds from my visitors who opt to buy the software is there any html code,widget or any link that i may have to put from moneybookers so my visitors will deposit money in my MB account

    any help would be highly appreciated 🙂


    • You need to have merchant account from monebookers, but I don’t think if they will allow you have merchant account for your blog. You will need a dedicated site to sell your software.

  72. farhaj Says:

    guys it is a really useful forum you’re running in here.i am looking to signup with moneybookers, in this forum i have read that bank alfalah is the best option with it. i already have an account in habib bank. will it work fine with habib bank. can anybody help me with this.
    And i also needed to know that can i carry out internet transactions through moneybookers without a credit card since i dont own one. thankyou

  73. sarfraz ali Says:

    Dear Hamad salam
    One of the web site of USA hired me as writer.They only pay through paypal.If i get debt card of American express or Barclays then will i b able to open paypal acc in pakistan.

    My uncle has British citizenship and he has acc in england.So by having his card, can i open paypal account in paksitan,in his name .Will be there any prob of IP address

    • Never ever open paypal account in any other persons name. You will be able to open the account but that strictly violates paypal TOS and hence they will suspend your account and will keep all your money. So its better you don’t do it in the first place.

      The only thing that allows Pakistanis to accept payments from Paypal users is 2checkout. I have heard about alert pay too, but never used it.

      I have used 2checkout, their signup processes is more complex then moneybookers. You need NTN number to have your account on 2checkout.

      • Noman Saleem Says:

        Some PTC sites just allow paypal for withdrawings, but paypal is not in Pakistan, then how i shall make account on Paypal and how i send money from pay pal to money bookers or alert pay??
        please tell me.

  74. khurram Says:

    Well bro i am new in this stuff, i made a moneybookers account but never used it yet, because i have some queries.
    1. I have account in standard chartered bank Pakistan, and use ibanking facility, If someone make payment to me, that will be in form of $, but the account i have in SC bank is in PKR, can i still get money? and if someone transfer money to my moneybookers account how can i cash it from my bank? and what will be the charges, when i ask my bank they say “WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IS MONEYBOOKERS” and we are not responsible in case you lose money by transferring in moneybooker or get from moneybookers..
    2.tell me the process how money bookers will transfer funds to my SC bank account.

  75. Saima Says:

    Thanks Hamid bhai, you have given a lot of informative stuff regarding moneybookers. My concept to use moneybooker is now very clear. thanks

  76. fayyaz Says:

    salam hameed bahi can u tell me when will i get Verification code from moneybooker ? and what si ebay plz explane me.i Registered my bank account and submit address how many step remain on my moneybooky account plzzzz tell me detail about that . and send me some earning site form where i can earn and withdrow from moneybooker . and also tell me link2communication is ok site for earning ???? reply me soon thankss

  77. agha Says:

    salam hameed bhai. can u please tell me how to receive money?? i mean what information should i give to the person who has to send me the money?

    • If you have setup your moneybookers account, you have to tell them that you use Moneybookers for receiving payments and also tell them your email address where they should send you money via Moneybookers.

      • agha Says:

        thank u very much brother.
        also please tell me is there any limit for receiving the money??? can i receive US$10,000 in a single transaction???

      • If you have verified your homeaddress and bank account you must be able to receive payments upto $10k.

      • kanyal Says:

        Brother Hameedullah khan, i have withdraw $27.56 and have received in my Mezzan Bank account. i see remittance and text message from moneybookers but there is no link mentioned or any code to verify my account on their side. i visited site but to very bank account they have listed only one method and that is to transfer some amount $20 uro to money bookers and refer with your customer id but no way to verify bank account by using the first remittance you received from them. can you help where is that link and where that verification code on remittance statement that bank asked to sign that i have received amount and have been transfer d to my account.
        please explain this process

  78. mohsin Says:

    Dear Hameed;
    you’ve created good blog/forum to share useful infos, i am also using Moneybookers with my Bank alfalah and is working fine!
    just 1 thing they ask the purpose of money. please tell me what you tell them each time?
    and one thing i want to let you know the $25 is handling charges for wire transfer, so just tell your bank non business remittance they will not deduct then.
    i am waiting for your response on my question hameed bhai on my email

    • They asked me if I sell any products, so I just let them know that I provide services. And they never deduct any fee charges. May be the charges are new as its been few months since I withdraw from Moneybookers to Bank Alfalah. Confirm from other branches of Bank Alfalah. I hope this helps.

      • mohsin Says:

        Ok, did they ask who sends money? whats purpose etc?
        Any other specifics they ask you?
        is there any charges they impose on service income

      • Yes, they asked who sends money so I just told them one of my client’s name. The purpose is “service charges”. They also ask the amount and what country/city the sender belongs to.

        No they never deduct any charges from me. Now they are so used to it that they don’t even ask me, they just call me to sign it and when I go there I find the form already filled :).

  79. Umar Says:

    I live in wah cantt, I searched the SWIFT code website and dont find any bank branch in wah cantt that has a swift code.

    It shows SWIFT codes of bank branches located in isb/rwp.

    What should I do now. Open account here in wah cantt or open in isb/rwp bank branch..

    kindly guide…

    • Omer Hassan Says:

      Umar, I think you should call the banks in Wah and ask them for their SWIFT codes. They probably have one but it’s not on their site.

    • Yes call bank branches in wah cannt to get to know if they have swift codes, and if they don’t have swift code then your best option is to get an account in a bank in ISP/RWP. Because without swift you can’t get the money transferred to your account.

  80. Umar Says:

    Salam to All,

    Thanks for the advice, I called the bank and came to know the bank swift code in wah… 🙂

    I talked with the bank alfalah’s manager and he said “Moneybookers ka naam to hum ne nai suna” lol

    I need to know whether there’s any monthly fee of MB besides trans charges as I dont find any on MB website?

    • don’t let them know about Moneybookers. Or they won’t allow you to get money.

    • mohsin Says:

      you can tell them but tell them as, Moneybookers is Us, uk registered Online money transferring service world wide and is against laundering of money etc and FSA reg

      • Umar Says:

        I informed them that I need to transfer money using MB, and they didnt object. So I think every is fine with it.

        Is their any unexpected or unpredicted delays or other similar issues with the funds transfer using Moneybookers??

        especially in case of Bank Alfalah..?

  81. Umar Says:

    Are their any uncertain delays or other issues with the fund transfer using Moneybookers??

    Especially in case of Bank Alfalah..


    • mohsin Says:

      Assuming that your moneybookers account is active, verified and you’re ready to withdraw, upon requesting withdrawal you will get amount in your Bank alfalah within 7 days.

  82. Khan Says:

    Hi dear Hameedullah!

    I’ve requested a address verification later at November 19 and it’s 3th December I’ve still not received any verification code and I also try the credit card verification, It also not working for me. lastly I use to verify bank account, and nothing happened.
    My account is in Dubai Islamic Bank

    what should I do

  83. Umar Says:

    Few days back I got the address verification letter from Moneybookers and I verified the address in my accounts page on Moneybookers site.

    Then I withdraw my money some 10 days back and still I cant get the money in my Alfalah Bank account. What should I do now?

    It was the first withdraw with Moneybookers and the bank account was not verified…


  84. rizwan Says:

    yar main yah janna chahta houn k moneybookers say paisay kaisay withdraw kiay jatay hain?
    kia us k charges houngay?

  85. salmanabbas007 Says:

    Yaar i got to signup and there our currency PKR was no listed

  86. Omer Says:

    You dont need to select the PKR currency, simply choose USD from currency list

  87. asifmumtaz Says:

    even HBL deducts $25 on every transaction…

  88. Mohsin Says:

    the $25 are handling charges deducted by Bank.
    You must tell them this transfer is a “Family Remittance”
    then they will not charge anything.

  89. Muhammad Usman Says:

    using this option
    Option 2: Verify your bank account (within 3 banking days)
    I have withdrawn US $ 15 to my standard chartered Bank.
    Please can anybody tell me in how many days i shall receive the funds.
    will you tell me something about verification code for bank address? What type of it is and how many digits it has?
    It is my first experience local banks. Am i to fill the farm, after receiving each payment.

    • It takes about 10 days (at least with Bank Alfalah) to reach money in the bank account. Once the money has been received go to your bank and get the account statement. You will find the code on that statement. Login to your moneybookers account and enter the code.

      For $15 you will not have to fill the form. I was told by the Bank Alfalah executive that for payment less then $100 you don’t have to fill any form.

      • Muhammad Usman Says:

        Hameed Bhai,

        Thanks for the quick reply. What about $25 deduction by banks. How can i save my $25? My account is personal i told the bank while opening.

    • I use bank alfalah and they have never deducted even $1 from me. I have heard that MCB and Habib Bank deducts $25.

  90. Mian Zain Says:

    Hello Dear Hameedullah bhaye..

    I want to get your attention regarding the matter of money bookers. I am a business man and i just start the online business and now make the money bookers account. i have added my bank details there and alo get the verification letter here in pakistan and also verfied my money booker account.

    Insha Allah my first payment through my costumer will be receive with in 2 or 3 days in my money booker.

    Its my first transaction and it will be above to 1200 US $. Kindly let me know i will be deposit this amount to my habib bank account. So how many days will be required for deposit the remittance in pakistan.
    I will wait for your early kind response. And i am sure in the future the money bookers will be make a leading role for me for get the online business..

    Mian Zain ( Sialkot )

    • Mian Zain,

      I am glad you are able to verify your moneybooker account and everything. Now after getting your first payment, you will have to verify your Bank account. Verification of bank account is done by withdrawing $20 to your bank account.

      I have personally not used Habib Bank, but I have heard that it takes 10-25 days for money to be arrived in Habib Bank and they charge $25.

      I personally use Bank Alfalah and the money arrives in 10 days and they don’t charge anything.

      I hope this helps.

      • Mian Zain Says:

        Thanks Hameed bhaye for your urgent response. There is nothing problem for me for desuction of 25 $ but it it is big problem for me that if i recive the amount in 10 to 25 days as i must need the E form which will be issued me after receive the remittance as per it is required by state bank for sending the shipments.
        Kindly inform me that how much time long that you are using the alflah bank for receiving money through money bookers. And is it sure that the amount receive within 10 days in your account? And what is the minimum time ever for payment received to you. means 2 days, 3 days etc.
        a little thing that have you withdraw the amount in big volume . i mean to say that have you withdraw ever above to 1000 US $? if yes so amount recive properly in your alflahh account? have you ever face any kind of problem for receiving the amount in heavy volume?
        I am waiting for your kind response.

    • I have been using Bank Alfalah for more then 2 years. I don’t actually remember minimum time. Yes the payments over $1000 arrive safely there are no issues.

      You don’t have to get E-Form, as for me in Bank Alfalah they don’t deposit the money in my account until I sign the E-Form, as soon as they money arrives they call me, I go there and sign the E-Form and after that money is actually deposited in my account.

  91. Omer Hassan Says:

    I have an account with Habib Bank Ltd. They charged me $25 when I first withdrew money about a year ago but when I withdrew some amount from my MB account to my HBL account about 2 weeks ago, I received the money within 7 days and they didn’t charge me anything. So you can safely use HBL with MB. You may face some issues getting your HBL account verified though.

    • Mian Zain Says:

      Thanks Omer for giving me awsome information… i was only worried that if i receive the payment late as i must have to start the production for goods. If the money received in my account in 7 days so it means , the information about remittance must receive 2 days before in karachi. I will be creit the remittance speadly when the remittance information reach in karachi head office HBL.
      Thank you very much for your kind reply . as i ask some questions to hameed bhaye and i am also waiting for them.
      As soon when my business payments receive by money bookers so i will be post the green signal here that my all other pakistani brothers who are unable to do online business due to payment processer procedure. so that can also motivate for doing better for their families and also for our great pakistan. Thnaks alot

      • SHS Says:

        Brother Mian Zain, if u don’t mind,may i know the nature of your business.I mean that is it service based or product based.From which medium do you sell your services/products, website, ebay or anything else.This info may help a lot of people including me.

  92. Omer Hassan Says:

    Hi Hameed,

    Does you Bank Alfalah account statement have Moneybookers’ name against the withdrawals you made from MB?

    HBL doesn’t keep information about the sender of funds so my account statement doesn’t show Moneybookers’ name anywhere on it. Now Moneybookers require me to verify my bank account by showing them my bank account statement and they wish to see their name on my account statement. So my money is stuck online.

  93. Seeker Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m new to this site or forum and I’d like to say that I’m really happy that things are working out well for Moneybooker users beacause of Paypal problem in Pakistan. I also found out there are other services like AlertPay and Money Gram but as usual you need to have a bank account and other formalities like the one addressed by Hameed about BIC code and stuff

    Well, I’m from lahore and have been searching for an home based job oppurtunity for quiet a while now. My question and concern is that I do not have a bank account since I’m unemployed and would like to know if there is any online home based job oppurtunity for Pakistani’s who don’t have a bank account and don’t have to pay any sort of membership fees?

    PS:I found a Pakistani site once for online data entry but minimum membership fees was RS.6000 onwards. I feel that’s a very heavy amount especially for someone who’s looking for a job or in this case an online job. So can anyone can help me out here………..?


  94. Jimmy Says:

    Hello Hammed..

    Actually i got my sister’s bank account PLS in BANK alflah.Can I receive the funds in her account as she can always go with me for taking out the money.Seconldy where is this bank account verification thingy..I dont see any verification option anywhere.. if I windraw 25 dollars from the bank they will be giving the code to my sister ?where should I fed that code..No option is available in the site regarding account verification

  95. kanyal Says:

    Asalam o Alaikum
    Hello brothers. i am happy to find good forum having lot of information. i am doing freelancing and have account on elance, GAF and Script lance. i also have some private clients and they want to pay me directly. i created my payoneer account using GAF when i received 1st payment at GAF. the problem with Payoneer is my private client can not upload more then $150 per month to my card. that is big problem for me because i have many clients not sure how much $s will be loaded in each month that can be $0 to $5000 so i can’t use payoneer for private load. i am trying to find a way where i can get payments via elance, GAF or any freelancing website and also from my private client in my single account. i see money bookers and have created account there and have verified address and now want to verify my bank account. my back account is in Mezan bank and they have told me their swift code. but i was seeing on money bookers the type of account. that can be personal account or comapnay account. i also see in their FAQ that money can’t be loaded from comny account to personal account on money bookers. so i am confused that how i can used money bookers like paypal. i mean as paypal has no restriction that you can pay to any person and get payment from any one. that can be just money transfer, sale purchase or any comany or freelance site. so please help me to get clear understanding of following queries
    1. Can i use my personal account on money bookers for all transaction , person to person, comapny to person and freelance sites to my money bookers account.
    2. Any one used Mezan Bank or Habib Bank for money bookers and have resolved issue of $25 deduction and bank account verification.
    3. if my back account is verified once then why i have to go bank when payment is received to verify that? why they not just add received amount in my back account.?
    please if some one has some good understanding of above issue, please share your information.
    Thanks for you cooperation and help.

  96. kanyal Says:

    Asalam o Alaikum
    Hi guys, need help about amount limit loaded in your account on money bookers. i mean if some one wants to load/send money to you money bookers account then how much? is there limit if yes then does it very or is constant. Also just for information. has any person used merchant API integration for there online busines via moneybookers. eg. i have a website and people can purchase things via that website bu paying me through mooneybookers making transaction through my site. think in same manner like Paypal API or socail gold or any other service.
    i think this will be very nice think if that is possible because you can so online business via shopping cart system.

  97. Shah Says:

    I am open New Moneybookers account and receive some money. But unfortunately we have no any bank account. Can we use any other person bank account for withdrawal of money.

  98. trusted ptc Says:

    information from Faraz very good, to verify paypal account can use the VCC (virtual credit card). So do not need a credit card pake .. and also very cheap price

  99. Salman Says:


    How to very credit card if they r charging in USD and our statement shows PKR. I am stuck?? I typed the wrong figure and now have to wait for 24 hours??

  100. Zohaib Says:

    i m going to start a new website and in website i sale books and cds, tell me plz how people buy it and send me money , if they send me money through moneybookers ,
    how i can open my account on it and how charges they detect my transation. plz tell me i m waiting ur help.

  101. Athar Says:

    Dear All,

    I regisered with and when i asked them for credit card transactions authorization, they sent me a form for completion.

    in form, they require me to provide a registered Company name and its Registeration #, plus partner details.

    any idea, what to mention there? i am a single person running my own website.

    thanks and regards,


  102. Ali Says:


    I also withdrawn $100 from MB and got only $75. MB says that they have deducted the fees so that the intermediary and my bank does not deduct any charges.

    I want to know is it $25 per transaction or it is 25% of every transaction?

    Please reply.


    • So you are saying Moneybookers deducted $25? No, they didn’t. Its your bank who deducts this amount. For me $25 never got deducted and we have discussed it so many times. All the banks other then Alfalah deduct this amount. But Bank Alfalah doesn’t deduct this amount.

      • Mohsin Says:

        its true that Alfalah bank is now charging $25 as remittance charges.
        from start they had never deducted even single $ but now its 3rd time happens to me and i inquired this why this happened.
        its neither because of moneybookers nor because of bank alfalah, its happens when moneybookers send their payment, and intermediary bank involve another bank, then they deduct $25.

  103. ebrahim khan Says:

    hello hameed,i sent 260 dollars to a person in canada using MB.unfortunately as he was about to withdraw his account got locked.
    you got any ideal how long does it for the account to to be unlocked?he has already sent this passport scan and fax to them for verification.
    how should i got about it?can moneybookers send me back the money incase the other person account is not verified?
    thank you!

  104. Ali Says:

    Hameed bhai, I want to tell you that whenever you withdraw some money from moneybookers, it arrive through some intermediary bank. intermediary banks charges their fee. it happens in those cases when moneybookers and your (pakistani) bank does not work directly.

    So that $25 fees deducted is of intermediary banks and not of MONEYBOOKERS neither of our banks.

  105. Junaid Says:

    Hello everybody I have found this forum very helpful thanks for all who are sharing their experience.
    When I withdraw amount from moneybookers to standard chartered bank account money bookers sent me this email “We would like to kindly inform you that your withdrawal has been returned to your Moneybookers account. Please note that we do not support sending funds in USD to Standard Charter bank (or to other banks where Standard Charter bank is the intermediary bank) as they do not process them. ” can anyone tell me about this issue as I contact SCB but they dont know about moneybookers :(. I am bit hesitating to go for bank alfalah because they have no online banking facility I also heard about UBL that they also support withdrawal from MB any one who have experience with UBL please reply. Thanks

  106. ebrahim khan Says:

    hey,my credit card upload limit has been filled.its 0.00 at the moment.can you tell me how long does it take for the limit to increase again.
    it says 60 days what does it mean,when does this 60 day period start?
    thank you!

  107. Rabab Khan Says:

    Hi Mr. Khan,

    This is a very helpful post and you have a nice blog here. I have a question and I hope you can answer it because you use Al falah. I heard they have stopped accepting payments from Money bookers. Is that true?

    Everyone I asked at my local bank says that they do not receive money through the internet and wouldnt get it when I tried to explain that MB is not internet but like wire transfers. They do not understand what MB is. :p

    So, any help will be appreciated.

    • Umar Says:

      Today as I made a withdraw to my ALFALAH ACCT, its says you cant make a with draw to ALFALAH, UBL, ASKARI AND STANDARD CHARTERED..

      Now wondering which bank to opt for? 😛

  108. Luqman Says:

    Hi there.

    I have a PKR salary account in Citibank, can i get payment from moneybookers? & how much citibank charge?


  109. hy sir i want to know that where are the agent or offices of money bookers in lahore

  110. Saad Says:

    ASA Hameed Bhae.. i have an account in habib bank limited. i made my verifying transaction successfully but i’m unable to locate the verifying code in it.. here is everything i got in the “particulars” column of my bank statement, please help me finding that code

    Home REM Proceeds 00P4368981 240 1 MUHAMMAD SAADULLAH RABAB UK UNITED KINGDOM 103.060000 EUR /0038327703 00867900310201

  111. sameen arshad Says:

    Hello , I am unable to use the service as they havent send me the verification code yet. I have contacted the support staff but they claim that they have send the letter 3 months ago. Can any one help me plz

    • ALi Says:

      It will get you a upset, but please believe it, as the sooner you’ll believe it the sooner you will step forward.

      I also, just signed up for moneybookers and have successfully made my first withdrawal to faysal bank.

      I withdraw $100, and I got 80 Euro in my account (almost equal).

      But it was not easy as it looks, I also did not get my verification letter, not at all even after more than two months.

      Then I tried verification by withdrawing $14 to my bank account (as this is one of the option to get verified by withdrawing an amount of less than $15 and MB will send you that amount to your bank account with a code which you will have to enter at your MB account to get yourself verified), But with the great fortune, it also did not arrive and the amount was returned to my MB account after a month of withdrawal date.

      Then I asked them, ‘what to do’ and they told me that I can also try by manual verification procedures. They asked for a scanned copy of the bank statement to verify that the bank account is in my name, the account number is correct and to verify the address if it is same as the one which I added in my MB profile or not.

      I send them my copy and they reject this by saying that ‘your statement is not signed by your bank’. I then asked them to reconsider it and have asked them that I can provide them another one signed by my bank. But they verify my account on my another request, I don’t know how.

      Then I withdraw $105 to my bank account and again it was rejected, this time they give me the reason that ‘your bank account information is in correct’. And they asked to review my profile information to for any correction if needed.

      I reviewed it and this time I tried my bank account account number without the branch code. (e.g if your bank account number is ‘00001234567890’ then the ‘0000’ in the beginning is the branch code, it can be 3 digits or 4 digits, depending on your bank).

      I withdraw $105 again and this time I just get a call from my bank in 3 days after the withdrawal date that I have received some money from a company and I have to sign a document to receive it. I just go there, signed that and have that account in my account the next day.

      They did not any single penny and deposit all the money as they receive it. Coz as per my knowledge Faysal Bank does not use any intermediary bank. If you want to check that either your bank uses any or not, you can go to swift side and search for your bank, if your bank appears there, then your bank will be directly connected to the international swift system (as far as my knowledge is concerned)

      You can just give them (your bank) the reason that this money is for giving IT services on the internet. You know, all banks have to ‘document’ all the money that is coming from foreign for state bank and the for the bank’s record as well. And this will happen in case of a ‘Company’ which here is ‘Moneybookers’.

      If any individual send it like your relative or friend, then nobody will ask you any question and it will get in your account without letting you know.

      Sorry for this long reply, but I really want to help to save people who are having troubles like me. It took me around two months to get my problem resolved as I also started from scratch like you people.

      The purpose of this summarized information (in form of my story) is really to help and you can save your time by going through this.

      Also, another important piece of information is that, If you are looking for which Pakistani bank you should go with then go for MCB or UBL, because as far as my knowledge is, as I have seen in different Forums and blog discussion that many of the people are using them and also recommending them. I am with Faysal bank as it is working fine for me.

      You can join me on Facebook and/or Orkut at ‘Moneybookers Pakistan’ and/or ‘Payoneer Pakistan’.

  112. Sana Farooq Says:

    dear hamid bhai, asalam-o-alikum,
    i have a problem, i have a mooneybookers account and i have connected it with my account in habib bank, not the problem is that when i tried to upload some money to send it to uk it didn’t verify my debit card saying your bank rejected it. it is very annoying as i need to send the money ASAP. kindly help me

  113. rabab Says:

    Habib Bank works perfectly fine with my MB account, and i was amazed to see that it only takes 1 day to complete a transaction from MB to HBL Account.
    if some body needs any assistance regarding HBL accounts please contact, i’d be more than happy to help

  114. Imran Ahmed Says:

    My question is regarding swift transfer payment on Money Bookers. While we add bank account in money bookers, it asked to provide shift code, and account number. Do we need to include local branch code with account number as well? or just account number without local bank branch code?

    • You can try both ways, But when you will enter correct information, it will show you your account title and branch location, so you will know you have entered the correct information.

    • Hammad Says:

      Hey Imran,

      Call your Bank, and ask them for “SWIFT CODE” , all branches has same one SWIFT CODE, enter it and you will see your Bank Details on MoneyBookers, Add your Account Number along with Branch Code, CLICK “OK” and you are done,
      Remember your MB account Name & Bank Account Name must match, otherwise you wont be able to Transfer 🙂
      Hope this will help you..

      if you are still Looking for help.
      email me at :

  115. Faisal Says:

    AOA all,

    Every one is concerned about getting payments to their bank accounts via MoneyBookers for their online work or payment from relatives etc.

    For that I have solved the problem I guess. I have asked my brother who is in Canada to make a paypal account and Ill use his PayPal ID to get every kind of my online payments and he can than transfer to his account.

    Now my questions are:
    1) will the above situation work.
    2) Would my brother need to provide his Canada Bank account information to PayPal to receive payments.
    3) What else info he has to provide and how the process will work.

    Regarding MoneyBookers:

    I just want to make payments to Ebay through paypal. 4) Would MoneyBookers will work for me as I have already made an account.
    5) Would verifying my Royal Bank of Scotland RBS credit card be enough to make payments or
    do I also need to give and verify my HBL bank account and its VISA debit card (I do not intend to receive money from MB, just making payments to PayPal).

    I would be highly obliged for help.

    • Naveed Says:

      Paypal will freeze account if it using from Pakistan or any country which is not listed in paypal. They will catch the IP address.

  116. Khurram Sikandar Says:

    Salam to all,

    Hi friends I just want to share a very important thing regarding moneybookers and that moneybookers is fantastic and our Habib Bank is fantastic too.

    Yesterday (7-Oct-10) I withdrawn an amount of $115 from moneybookers to my HBL Bank account through bank transfer and today (8-Oct-10) I received my money at Rs. 85.14 per dollar rate which is near around today’s market rate and guess what HBL taken no fee at all from me as rumors are that $25 charged by banks but in my case not a single paisa taken by HBL.

    So friends anyone who is still not sure or not confident about moneybookers just withdraw through it and open your account in any HBL Bank branch but make sure your chosen branch must be online.

    If any one wants to ask any thing can send me an email at

    I am very happy that finally our banks are doing right for their customers.

    HBL and moneybookers both rocks.

    Khurram Sikandar

    • Aslam Says:

      Do you have Business account of HBL Bank to receive money from Moneybooker?

    • Hammad Says:

      Wa alaikum salam Khurram 🙂

      hehe good that you have received Money 🙂 I am Happy for you..

      Going to open new account in HBL today 😛
      will update you with my results soon lolx

      take care 😉

  117. Shafqat Niaz Says:

    Hi,Nice article thanks. I am going to start call center business my clients from, Canada, USA and UK.. they have pay pal and i dn’t . I have found moneybooker but dn’t have any idea about transactions. I have a question, My clients going to pay via pay pal or credits cards how i will get my money in pakistan account ? clients says they only going to pay to their local company. and here in pakistan which bank account is best for receiving fast and less percentage via moneybooker. supose i have a account in moneybooker my clients submit my moneybooker account will they get the invoice that your payment charged in pakistan ??? if it is then i dn’t need to use moneybooker. Htanks

  118. Aslam Says:


    Is it necessary to have Business account of Bank to receive money from Moneybooker?

    • Hammad Says:

      No its not necessary to have Business account, you can withdraw from your personal account as well 🙂

      Soon, i will be cashing MB in Pakistan 😛

  119. Hammad Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I tried ASKARIBANK, they said ” Sir,koi chakar hi nahe hai MB ka :D, hum nahe support kartay” haha 😛

    So which Bank is Most Reliable for MONEYBOOKERS? 😛

    • amk Says:

      every bank supporting international wire actually supports moneybookers. MB send an international wire to your bank account. so stop asking the bank idiots about MB.
      The bank manager at HBL (Sargodha)gave me an alien expression when I explained how I make money. He reluctantly asked ‘what if government catches you’
      I really wonder if these people really passed their business degree or not.
      Someday a banker will be asking ‘paisy monitor sy niklein gy kya????’

  120. cookie Says:

    Habib Metropolitan Bank deducted $15 from my wire money.
    i need to know any other bank in karachi that not deduct any in money ?

  121. Ashraf Says:

    AOA Every one,

    I am in Pakistan and just have created an account on, now I want to send a request for money to a person in US, and when I filled the form given at “Request Money” option it says:


    Payments between international customers and US customers using the Send Money service are not supported.

    What does this mean?
    how can some one send me money from US?

    please reply if some have any idea

  122. ali zohaib Says:


    i have withdraw payment. the payemnt is transfere to my account but manager of bank alhabib say moneybooker is not allowed in pakistan. is this true?
    and guid me.,


  123. TalhaAhmed Says:

    Does Fysal Bank allow Moneybookers?
    And tell me if i am running online business (writing essay, lets say). Will my street adress be exposed to the customer living in the US?

  124. Dr Sarfraz Says:

    lot of suffering from all the Pakistani’s. Moneybooker to Paypal, or vise versa,whynot these Two authorities take a step, recognize and coordinate with one another and make the people at ease. May Allah put them on the rught path.Last but not the least Allah direct the Govt of Pakistan to adopt the proper steps for the future of people.Ameen

  125. Mohsin Says:

    I am from Bahawalpur. i need a account for withdraw mony. plz tell me about this.
    1) best bank for money booker account in pakistan.
    2) Account type. currernt/private

    • Muhammad Saadullah Rabab Says:

      i’m using moneybookers for over two years with HBL. Account type doesn’t really matter, just get a PKR Rupee account, i own a savings account. You can contact me for any further queries.
      best of luck 🙂

  126. hamza Says:

    I want to ask that if some buyer send me money should he have a money booker account for sending money .i have a personal account in moneybooker so can i recieve money from my buyer through my personal account.

  127. paracha Says:

    sir mujhey ye nahi pta lag raha ke mera account number kia hai money bookers per account number find karney ka koi tariqa bta dein plz

  128. @SM jafri

    You don’t have to select Pakistani rupees while creating Moneybookers account, just select the US dollar as the currency of your account, and when you will transfer to bank you will get money automatically converted to Pakistani rupees based on the xchange rate at the time of withdrawl.

  129. Omer Says:

    hameed bhai i just wanted to ask key
    main moneybooker ke through paypal ki payment receive ker sakta hoon ya nahi ?
    agar kar sakta hoon to kaise ?
    please help me out

  130. Omer Says:

    koi or merchant hai jo paypal ki payment accept kere costly na ho
    2co dekhi hai mene likin expensive hai

  131. Omer Says:

    meri apni website nahi hai affiliate ke saath kaam ker raha hoon jis pe sirf paypal support karta hai

  132. AllahRakha Says:

    I had requested money remitence from moneybooker to my dubai islamic bank in pakistan but today i got phone from dubai islamic bank that they are not accepting moneybooker remmitence and now returing the funds? why and what should i do?

    • Sorry to hear that. We have no idea why they are not accepting the payment, you should go and ask your branch manager. And do share with us their response so we all get to know and solve the issue if any of us may have in future.

    • Mohsin Says:

      Don’t get involved with general CR of bank. Go to Their Financial and meet person in charge of foreign remittance and explain him that “MoneyBookers” is name of an online service company from UK, and they help transferring funds to Banks and they are operating under FSA regulation. And its only money transferring service.

      Hope they will help you to credit your remittance.

  133. faisal bashir Says:


    My brother has a paypal account, who is abroad. Please tell me:
    1) Can I login in this account from Pakistan just to see what this paypal accounts looks like.
    2)Can i give this paypal account name to other ppl to receive payments. I can ask my brother to send that money from some other resource.

    any info about the above points and any other information regarding using paypal will be highly appreciated.

    • Mohsin Says:

      you can login to his account from Pakistan and can even use that but not directly.

      you will need to use Remote Desktop sharing software like teamviewer. connect with your brother’s PC and see his account on his PC only.

      If you use his account from Pakistan, paypal might block his account.

      And you can get payment to his account, simply tell the payer his paypal email.


  134. Kanwal Nasir Says:


    • No you can’t withdraw without address verification. You need to verify
      your address before you can withdraw money. If the letter has not been
      received, contact MB support they will ask you for other verification

      • Mohsin Says:

        Hi Hameed;
        I want to ask you if you are using BAF and can easily withdraw from MoneyBookers. I want to know do you have Current account and is it Business or personal?

        And when you withdraw, i know moneybookers do not write “Purpose of remittance” and Bank asks for it, what do you tell them and in case they want the MB to send them purpose themselves, then what?

        And which other banks easily accepts MB payments without any issue?

        i hope you got what i want to know.


  135. Kanwal Nasir Says:

    after verification is it safe to with draw from mb to my bank a/c less than $100??

    my letter didnt come to my home so i have to submit the document send by mb support to fill by me n by my bank…then after how many days my address will verified then??

    do u still use mb??

  136. Kanwal Nasir Says:

    after address verification can i wd draw money or i have to verify bank also for wd draw my money??

  137. Kanwal Nasir Says:

    “Hameedullah Khan Says:

    April 20, 2009 at 7:39 am
    Dear Rashid,

    Verfication process is very simple, when you have some money in your moneybookers account just withdraw it to your bank account and when you receive money in your bank account just ask your bank for the statement. Once you get the statement, you will find a 4 digit code (if I remember it right), goto moneybookers and then goto verify bank account and type in the code, thats it you are done.”

    It means before address verification we can wd draw ??
    plz guide me ….

  138. Shakir Says:

    Kindly tell me how can I with draw the fund through Moneybooker. which bank deal in karachi.

  139. Kanwal Nasir Says:

    my bank is ALFALAH ….i think almost every bank deal in khi…..

  140. Murtaza Says:

    Thanks Hameed Bhai for all the feedback. Helped me in knowing all kinds of issues concerning moneybookers. It seems like back in the days when you verified your bank account, the procedure was a little different. Currently they state that we need to upload funds into moneybookers from our bank account( wire transfer) to verify bank account. My address is verified on moneybookers and i need to transfer funds into my bank account. Some time back i withdrew funds and around a month passed by and payment didn’t get transferred into my UBL account. I had to exchange alot of emails with moneybooker’s e-commerce department for i am a verified merchant. The issue got solved and i got my $465 back into my moneybookers account. They said that the bank details i provided i.e bank account number wasn’t correct. You can imagine what it feels like to have Rs.46000 lost (not in moneybookers account, not in ur bank). Mistake i made was to withdraw all of my money in one go, that too for the first time.
    So in order to verify my bank account, i should upload funds to moneybookers account from my bank account. Today i went to UBL and ask them to make an international wire transfer to Moneybooker’s bank for which they provide details on your moneybookers account when you click on ‘upload funds’ tab. The manager told me that they don’t make international transfers and only (UBL) head office Branch does that. I went to HBL and asked if i open an account with them; should i be able to make an international transfer and they told me that only if i open up a foreign currency account, i can make an international wire transfer. However it seems like people are able to transfer funds without verifying their bank accounts.
    My question is, whats the correct format of putting in your bank account once u’ve entered the swift code, and/or branchcode. Like should i enter the complete account number provided on my checkbook? I’d also like to put that Swift code for UBL in karachi is “UNILPKKAXXX” so the XXX in the end of SwiftCode is probably the Branch code? Previously i entered this as it is with XXX and moneybookers recognized the Bank as “United Bank Limited Karachi”. I assume i should put in the branch code this time instead of XXX?

    • Uzair Sukhera Says:

      Salams Murtaza

      Can’t you transfer your moneybookers credit to some of your relative/friend abroad to their Paypal or so and they can transfer you the money back!

      Hope your problem was solved!

      @Hameed: MB should give you some commission for the customer service you provided to them here 😉

      • Murtaza Says:

        lol no you can’t do that. All you can do is withdraw funds into your own account so the Title of your Bank account and title of your moneybookers account should match else it would be considered illegal.

  141. farah Says:

    I am working on and wanted to withdraw money from that website. I dont know the exact method to follow. It says that they support PayPal, and Moneybookers. So do I need to make an account on moneybooker and get money transfered from freelancer to moneybooker and from money booker to my account?
    I also wanted to which bank account is appropriate and charge less for money transfer. I have account at bank al-habib and soneri bank. WIll any of them work for money transfer at minimum charges?
    Can anyone explain me the whole process how can I get money withdraw from my freelancer account.

    • Murtaza Says:

      Yes you need to make an account on moneybookers. Just be sure that the title/name of your moneybookers account matches exactly with the title of your bank account. They only provide you with first and last name fields when signing up for an account so be sure to even include your middle name in the first name field so that if your name is ‘abc farah xyz’, enter ‘abc farah’ in the first name field and ‘xyz’ in the last name field. I don’t know if they now have a middle name field in their signup form, they didn’t have one when i signed up for moneybookers account 2 years back. Your moneybookers title and bank account title should match exactly and this is realy important for you to take care of beforehand since you cant have 2 moneybookers account else they would shut down your second account and confiscate any money in it and it took me quite some months to solve this same issue since my account and bank titles didnt match exactly.

      • farah Says:

        It was really helpful. Can anyone suggest that in which bank I should open bank account. I have acoount at Bank al-habib. Will it work? or I should open account at any other bank?
        Please guide me

  142. random guy Says:


    I have a question here. My bank account is in Bank Alfalah. This is the first time I would be using Moneybookers. I have two questions:

    1. People are saying that now you’ll receive 25$ less due to intermediary bank involvement even in the case of Bank Alfalah.
    2. Suppose my account number at Bank Alfalah is 00XX-12345678 where 00XX is the branch code. What should I enter in the account number while adding my bank in MB. Should it be 00XX12345678 or just 12345678?

    • smrehmanpk Says:

      Dude you have come up with this question at the right time and very relevant question. I was writing 12345678 in the field of “Account Number” and payment was returned to me i.e uploaded back to my account and i received an email from moneybookers saying that my account details are incorrect. I should check my account details and make correction before making a withdrawal again. So i called up UBL helpline to ask them incase i should write 8 digit or 12 digit account number and she said 12 digit one. But before i withdraw the second time i would like someone who has the experience of withdrawing to tell whether the 12 digit format is correct ?

    • Random Helper Says:

      @Random Guy,

      I am not sure if you have looked at the procedure described here:

      • Murti Says:

        I did look into the following posts but nowhere in those posts is the answer concerning the format in which the bank account is to be written although there was a similar question but in the above post but that is too unanswered. Obviously i know the BIC/Swift and It says ‘Uunited Bank Limited Pakistan’ once i enter the Swift after which i have to enter the Account Number. Now i am asking please can anyone tell me what format to write bank account number in the account number field like 00XX-1234567-8 or 00XX-12345678 or 00XX12345678 or simply 12345678 ?

    • Random Guy Says:

      When you enter BIC Code and account number you will see your account title on the Moneybookers site and the branch location. So you will know you have entered the account number in correct format. It doesn’t hurt to add the bank account and see what happens. It only matters when you make a withdrawl.

      As far as I remember I entered just the account number not the branch code. so I entered just 12345678.

  143. yasir Says:

    i have just created my account on i m facing a problem about deposit funds,,my alfalah bank doesnot allow me to send money in any international compant,they just transfer in personal accounts,what shouls i do now,,is there any other way to send in my money bookers account,no bank transfer allow no western union allow,how could i transfer?

  144. fawad Says:

    how we can connect money Booker with eBay? My friend told me that it need Ubl debt card for internet activation.

  145. Zahid Ahmed Says:

    Please help…
    my Bank account and Mobile number is already has registered in moneybookers with an other Email ID and i have forget my old Email ID now i have create an other moneybookers account with different Mobile number so please tell me how can i use bank account in this new MB account…
    i hope you understand what i want ask you to 🙂

  146. Mohsin Says:

    if you are sure you have forgotten old Email ID (Unbelievable) then after creating new account on MoneyBookers with other email simply contact moneyBooker and tell them you have lost your previous email and ask them to remove your Bank account and all other details from that account so you can use in new one. Then they will guide you further and it will be all fine!

  147. Aleem Chuhan Says:

    monybookers are reliable for internet online jobs payments ?
    how we register with them?

  148. BASH Says:

    I have brought solution for all those PEOPLE who wants money should transferred to their PAKISTAN BANK ACCOUNTS Via MoneyBooker or PAYPAL. But talk about PAYPAL i have bit risky solution but will work %90 E-Mail me at

  149. omer Says:

    I have a question about moneybookers. how much they charge if the person is send money from germany and how much fee will be charged if the amount is withdraw.
    one of my friend say that they charge more then the wired transfer.
    can someone help me ?

  150. I am using Moneybookers now called skrill for the last few months… I believe its the best paypal alternate in Pakistan

  151. fawad Shakir Says:

    hi sir i want to know how to verify visa debit card in money bookers because i m trying to verify my visa card in money bookers it show transaction failed.

  152. I have gold creditcard but i use my Ublwiz to verify Skrill account, but you have to little smart to verify with ublwiz. and i add MB to my eBay account too. i also register my bank account. now i am getting my eBay payments very easily.

    But in MB its showing bank account is (registered) and if i want to verify it will increase my moneybookers limit but i don’t want increase limit. which is already high.

    So my question is…. Is i must have to have to verify my bank account in MB? because now procedure is changed now you have to send money from your bank account to moneybookers company account, which is not possible because state bank not allow T/T from local personal in pakistan. only L/C and Commercial Business T/T is allowed.

    There one another option to verify it from your creditcard which i have already added ublwiz. MB charge 1.90% for verifying with CC minimum sending account is under $3 but i still not verify it, why i must have to verify it bank account in MB?, because its only increase you MB limit. Not done anything else on verifying. So i think (registered) showing means you bank account is already verified.

    I also have my own merchants accounts too like 2checkout, verisign, pilmus and some others. but i use them it only for my ecommerse sites.

    Yea i surely i don’t have PayPal because Pakistan is not listed on paypal, even i can make fake address paypal and legally verify it but i don’t do it because i don’t want to take high risks on my regular and legit huge $payments$ on fake address Paypal. and also this is not the good way for long term legit business. you can also be in redlist of paypal anytime with several mistakes like customer open case on you, tax problems etc etc. so i also don’t suggest this way to anyone if he/she is serious and want to do long term legit business. I also have verified AlertPay account which is also cool. and payoneer card too.

    Please reply here.


  153. sajjad Says:

    hi i have moneybooker account and i have linked my UBL account with it..

    can anybody tell me if i link my account correct or wrong…

    swift code : unilpkka
    account number : i use this option with branch code. like 0292 is my branch code and then i use my simple bank account ….

    best Regards

  154. areeshkhan544 Says:

    I am using Payoneer Dabit is Also Good. and available in Pakistan,

  155. sara rubab Says:

    im confused. i dont know if i should make a business account or personal. i dont know… please tell me… im new to it… i work as a freelancer, and my client uses moneybookers account… pleaseeee guide me

  156. Hamid Says:

    So i was just ‘wondering’ how long it would take.
    I’m from Lahore, Pakistan.
    Bank Alfalah, Model Town Branch (my branch was not added in their database so i provided them necessary details and they added it in two days)

    So i made the withdrawal on 15th Sep, 2012 and it was ‘processed’ on 17th… and its 25th here and no sign of payment.. moreover, they ”temporarily blocked” my account on 22nd September(AFTER the payment was processed, i.e. on 17th september) because i had created another account with different email id two weeks ago because i was not receiving the address verification letter.

    My question is that when will i be able to receive the withdrawal? and if the blocking of my account has any effect on the late withdrawal?

    Plz share your experiences RELATED to my problem?

    is it true that i WILL get my withdrawal once its been ”processed” by moneybookers?

  157. ali Says:

    Moneybookers balance available at very good rate in pakistan, plus any kind of voip

    callings availabe at very cheapest rates.150 countries supported with best quality.

    tritel(dot)org skype

    tritel_org yahoo


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