How to add your bank to Moneybookers to withdraw money to your bank account.

Posted September 28, 2009 by Hameedullah Khan
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The following steps are written to help Freelancers, Outsourcing agencies who are willing to accept money using Moneybookers. These steps were written keeping Pakistani freelancers in mind but they can be followed to add any Bank account in any country. Before getting a new bank account make sure the Branch that is near to you has its own BIC code. Follow the steps below.
1. Check your BIC code from
a. Enter “BANK NAME” in Institution keyword field.
b. Enter “Karachi” or your city in City field.
c. Select “Pakistan” from drop down menu.

2. Note the BIC code of your branch and keep it safe.

Confirm if the BIC code of your Bank’s Branch is listed. If it has the BIC Code then you can open an account in that particular branch or else try with a different bank or branch. After you get the account follow the steps below to add your bank account to Moneybookers. You will require the BIC Code from the previous steps and your account number.

1. Goto Moneybookers Add Bank page and enter all the information, Moneybookers will show you the branch location and your account title, if the account title does not match do not check your account number and enter it again.

2. After you bank account has been added you have to verify it, to verify your bank account withdraw 20Euro from your Moneybookers account to your Bank.
3. Goto your bank after 4 days and confirm from them if money has arrived, sometimes it takes 8-10 days depending on the holidays and other things.
4. Upon confirmation request a bank statement. Your bank statement will have a secret keyword from Moneybookers.
5. Enter the keyword into the verify bank account page.

Moneybookers charges

Money bookers charges 1.80Euro for all withdraws to your Primary bank account. Withdrawls of more then 350Euro to your non Primary Bank accounts are charged 3.50Euro. There is no other cost for withdrawing your money to your bank account.

If you have have Bank account in PKR currency the money will automatically be converted to PKR using the Statebank’s $ rate.


Moneybookers: Send and Receive money.

Posted October 5, 2007 by Hameedullah Khan
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I am back again with This time with more support for them. Yes, see the logo in the side bar :). Paypal still does not allow sign up from Pakistan and this really sucks. So, I just love and I will support them.

You can send money as well as receive money for free, with out any fee. And the acceptance of payment is increasing day by day.

So, lets enjoy this new banner in the side bar ;).

Moneybookers: PayPal alternative for Pakistan.

Posted May 28, 2007 by Hameedullah Khan
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PayPal does not allow sign ups from Pakistan. I can not seem to find any technical reason behind that. Maybe only god knows why they do not like us? I said this because I tried to contact PayPal official support and I inquired them when the sign ups will be available in Pakistan. The answer was not satisfactory, in fact the answer was not even related to the question I asked. PayPal added bunch of countries to their accepted countries list early in May, and again Pakistan was not even on that list. See the approved counties list. And the worst thing is PayPal is an ebay company, I think ebay should also remove sign ups for Pakistan. If we cannot put our money online then how can we buy and sell?

So, if PayPal is not available for us then what should we (the people of Pakistan) do? Don’t we need to spent money online? Don’t we need to buy things online? Don’t we need send money to someone? Don’t we need to earn money online? Don’t we need to sell things online? Either wait for the PayPal to approve our country or go a head and get your self signed up on Moneybookers is the very nice service and lot of people use it, does not matter if the users are not 100 million but atleast their are million people using it. I myself has an account on Moneybookers, the services is awesome.

My Address has already been verified, now I will verify my bank account in few days 😉 although I don’t need to verify it as the current outgoing and incoming limit is pretty high for me :). But you have all type of options available. So, in last Moneybookers is a very good service for online money transactions.

I hope to see Moneybookers supported by every second site like they do support PayPal. For me I will be asking to add support for Moneybookers where ever I will be buying or selling things. If that worked out may be I will never need to have a PayPal account.

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